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Kerwyn Antonio Alridge


Kerwyn Antonio Alridge
21 – Claxton Bay
January 13th – Capricorn
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I love my dark, chocolate complexion. I love my height, I’m exactly 6ft. I think I have a powerful personality and my height just emphasizes that. I love my name because of its meaning. Kerwyn means “dark-skinned” or “little dark one”.
Your OMG Moment
In primary school, I was told that I am a “dunst”. That I would never pass S.E.A. and that I didn’t have the ability to. Of course being so young, I actually believed this nonsense, thinking that this was the end for me. On the day of results, I was shocked! Not only because I passed but with the marks that I passed with. I was so happy to prove everyone wrong.

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