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Ancel Maloney has touched many hearts and received lavished commendations.

Ancel Maloney is a young man replete with talent and a passion for seeing young people lead positive, God-fearing lives. His development is rooted in being raised in a family where his parents ensured that his education was both academic and theological. Ancel also developed an affinity for literature at a tender age. Reading has always been one of his hobbies. This empowered him to conceptualize ideas and express them creatively. At primary school and secondary school levels, Ancel has participated in public speaking, debates and singing competitions.
Upon entering secondary school,  Ancel developed the art of expression through rap/ hip-hop. He gained a small following of friends at his school and church who were impacted by his message and his style of delivery. After participating in more competitions and concerts Ancel came to the realization that he has the potential to become a recording artist and reach more people. In 2006, Ancel participated in the ‘Making The Music Minister’ singing competition which was aired weekly on SynergyTV. As the only hip-hop contestant among talented contemporary singers, Ancel touched many hearts and received lavished commendations from established recording artistes and industry executives.
Ancel is now managed by Kingdom Management and has enjoyed the success of his first single,‘In The Morning’ and his latest single, ‘Following Him’, featuring Nathanael Hamilton and Candice Caton.

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