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Nekisha Cyrus

Nekisha Cyrus
28 – San Fernando
December 4th – Sagittarius
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I love my positivity. I’m working in the entertainment industry and you really need to have that positive mindset because you get a lot of rejection. I love my level of self-awareness. I take a lot of time to get to know myself as a person and really understand what are my likes and dislikes. I love my ambition and drive. I am a very determined person.
Your OMG Moment?
My OMG moment was hearing my two-year-old nephew say my name. I don’t live at home so I missed a lot. His first walk, laugh, words all that and more. Then a day I went to visit and he greeted me as “Aunty Keita”. That was like wow. Especially since I left when he couldn’t talk as yet.

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