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Melissa Pascal hosts the OYW Caucus.

Melissa Pascal is an entrepreneur, coach and the coordinating ambassador for the Caribbean for One Young World (OYW).
OYW Caucus will be held on August 26th-27th at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.
This year will be the first time ever that a Caucus will be held in the Caribbean Region, and young people between the ages of 18-30 years, will have the opportunity to learn from local and regional speakers and enjoy the opportunity to meet with other young people like themselves and collaborate on solving issues that face society.
The intent is to expose young people to the world of opportunities as they pursue big goals and put their minds together for positive disruptive change. The caucus will set the stage for the launch of the Mindset show, Pascal’s hub for tech entrepreneurs from the Caribbean to be featured and gain exposure for their brands.
As a past OYW participant herself, Pascal has had the opportunity to meet movers and shakers from every part of the world including Silicon Valley and is now working to pass on and share her experiences with the youth of Trinidad & Tobago.

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