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Denise Belfon Turns Over A New Leaf.

Known to her fans as “Saucy Wow” for her energetic, scintillating performances, Denise Belfon has been one of TnT’s Soca Diva for a long time now.
Her stunning stage act and music has been seen and heard by audiences throughout the Caribbean, across North America, even across the Atlantic in London, wherever the Caribbean diaspora can be found. Over the years she has also become a favourite with the US College circuit.
Denise has always had a love for the arts from an early age.  She has been singing and dancing since the age of 9.
In 1990, Denise was discovered by the bandleader of Roy Cape. She started singing professionally with the band Black Sheep, before moving onto Sound Revolution. Her first solo recording was the soca hit “Ka Ka Lay Lay”.
Since then, Denise has become one of the most forceful female solo acts in the Caribbean, having recorded a string of hit singles: “Hard Wuk”, “De Jammette”, “Saucy Baby”, “Indian Man”, “Wining Queen”, and “Chuku Chuku” that had audiences and partygoers across the Caribbean in a frenzy.

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