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Levee Rodriguez currently owns his own company called, “Performance Town”

Levee Rodriguez first professional play was a children’s play in NAPA entitled “Wonderland” where he was a dancer until Penelope Spencer, a local actor, and producer, saw his promise and enthusiasm and gave him the character “Snow Cone”. A clever character who was determined on getting into the mad hatter’s T party.
Levee gained an instant love for performing for children. He says, “Children, are very hard to entertain…I love that challenge”.
Levee is the c.e.o. and head acting teacher at his company entitled “Performance Town” where they use drama in education methods under the umbrella of a vacation camp.
He also works with necessary arts doing many variations of acting jobs from portraying traditional characters such as The Midnight Robber and Fancy sailor to short theatrical performances and even statue work.
He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the Performing Arts at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Before UTT, Levee successfully completed a cycle of training in acting for beginners at necessary arts. As an actor, he believes that acting is the greatest form of teaching and learning life lessons.

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