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Meet songwriter and musician Nathanael.

Nathanael is a Trinidadian-born songwriter/musician who has always had an immense passion for music. At six years old he moved to Jamaica with his family and he credits this as being the starting point of his journey. Coming from a musical family, Nathanael’s mom enrolled him in classical piano classes.
This love for music would see him, in years to come, accompany the likes of Sherwin Gardner, Positive, Junior Tucker, Ashmont Hill and others on keyboards. 2012 was the year he stepped out from behind the keyboards and made his way towards the microphone, releasing his first single “Keep I.” The song would be the first introduction to what can only be described now as his signature sound –a unique blend of popular urban R&B and Caribbean music.
With multiple releases already for 2017 and his current hit ‘For Better Or Worse’ flooding the airwaves, Nathanael is on course to release an album that we are all looking forward to.
At Love Language, you will be treated to an acoustic performance from this gentle giant like you have never seen him before.

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