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Peri’s Plus Limited hosts B.R.A.V.O.

The Story :
For hours, Peridot went store to store looking for a lovely bra that fit her. The stores she visited either did not have her size or the bras that could have fit were all in black or beige – in other words, BORING!!  Peridot had a choice: to accept the norm in Trinidad or to search for a solution, not only for herself but for other full-busted women. She took her savings and started Peri’s Plus.
The Brand:
Peri’s Plus Limited is an emerging leader in the full-busted lingerie business, bringing a new approach to the industry through fashion-forward merchandise selection, exceptional customer care, and education through the Uplift Series™.  The concept behind this brand is “Let’s Uplift Each Other”. Founded in 2007 by Peridot Webster-Steele, her vision is to help full busted women feel proud and confident….starting with their undergarments.
Peri’s Plus currently operates a retail store and hosts a series of exclusive bra-parties dedicated to helping fuller-busted women fall in love with themselves every day. In October 2017, Peri’s Plus will host Trinidad and Tobago’s first ever Bra Festival™.
The Team:
Peridot Webster- Steele operates Peri’s Plus with a small group of talented, ambitious women who have a passion for seeing women happy with themselves, regardless of their size. It’s simple: “We love what we do, and it’s not about just another sale”.

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