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Team OMG Chats with Marge Blackman.

Marge comes from a revered musical clan – The Blackmans; who are to Trinidad what the Marley’s are to Jamaica.  Her Father The late Ras Shorty I is the Inventor of two major genres of Trinidadian music, namely Soca and its Gospel-infused sister Jamoo. So music is definitely in her blood.
For most of her musical life, she has been part of an ensemble cast, alongside her father, mother and her siblings as a member of the family band, The Love Circle. She has contributed both as a singer and songwriter on several critically acclaimed Love Circle albums such as Homegrown, The Gathering and Children Of The Jamoo Journey which each feature memorable songs by Marge namely Oshay, Like a Flower, and Moment To Pray. Marge has also toured extensively with the Love Circle to Europe, America, and Africa.
With the recent release of her song BE, produced by Sheriff, Marge has again redefined Jamoo and carved a musical space all her own and promises an Album of depth and colour. In October 2017 Marge has released her contribution to the Carnival 2K18 Season, a collab with the two-time soca monarch winner, VOICE. An infectious collision of vocal melodies, with a touch of Jamoo that is sure to captivate.
With all the that has been seen, it is clear that 2018 will be a very promising year for one of the heirs to the Blackman Throne.

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