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Karrilee Fifi launches On Lock Records.

Karrilee Fifi, a representative of the Caribbean Dance Music Conference (CDM), gives insight on what the main focus of the conference would be on December 2. She states that the main focus would be the launch of On Lock Records, a new record label dedicated to the promotion of Caribbean talent. The Conference promises a hands-on interactive experience where attendees will participate in the creation of a CDM track with top producers, songwriters, and musicians.
As CDM’s  founder and organizer, Karrilee said, On Lock Records, headed by herself and partner Kitwana “Kit” Israel, of AdvoKit Productions, will be affiliated with Sony Records and will have access to Sony’s distribution mega-machine, The Orchard. She said the label will act as an incubator and a curator for Caribbean talent. Fifi said: “Through using their digital distributor, The Orchard, we would be able to see what songs do well in what regions and which artists are doing well. Sony would then get involved, and say we’re interested in this group or this genre and we want to get behind it, whether it’s to spend marketing dollars or signing the artist themselves, that’s the roadmap. And it goes to show that the world right now knows that a lot of the music they’re hearing is influenced by Caribbean music so why not just come to the source and work with the people that are on the ground.”
Fifi said the aim is to “discuss the local music industry, see how people feel about the support or lack thereof for artists outside the soca industry and come up with a strategy.”
The Conference takes place on December 2nd at the Cipriani College of Labour between 10 am and 4 pm at a cost of $250.
For more details check out:
Facebook: Caribbean Dance Music Conference 2017
Email: cdmgeneration@gmail.com
Call: #756 4732.

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