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Juby Cox has big plans for 2018.

Jumaane “Juby” Cox has big aspirations for his entertainment career. The songwriter and entertainer started his musical journey at a tender age while he attended primary school.
Juby has always been addicted to entertaining others. Whether it be, storytelling, performing, telling jokes or amateur dance moves, Juby sought the opportunity to showcase his talent.  The animated individual always maximized opportunities to engage happiness from those around him.
As Juby grew older, his eagerness to entertain quickly followed suit. During his secondary School career at Queen’s Royal College, Juby continued writing music and performing them for his peers. This led him to participate in many in school as well as national competitions.
Notably, Juby’s passion for music and culture owes a lot of credit to his father, Denis “Lasana” Cox who is very influential in the cultural space in Trinidad and Tobago. Lasana’s support and encouragement bolstered Juby’s appreciation for culture.
To date, Juby has been a finalist in Junior Soca monarch, NJAC finalist as well as many other corporate competitions. Apart from participating in competitions, Juby was privileged to perform at several major stage shows within the region.
He surrounds himself with veterans within the cultural industry, much of who he says are very influential in moulding his lifestyle. He often quotes “Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”. He views Calypsonians and older soca artistes as wise locals whose perceptions are very credible. He has much respect for these cultural legends.
Juby’s own music career reflects vintage, lavway, and storytelling. He appeals to real-life scenarios when writing music and interacting with peers on a daily basis.  Through his ever-changing musical offerings Juby works on his mission of ushering Soca and Calypso music into the realms of mainstream international music.

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