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Jimmille Charles

Jimmille Charles

22 | San Juan | April 19th | Aries
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I appreciate my newfound positivity. Despite how bleak a situation might seem, I try to look at my glass half full. Secondly, I love my natural hair and its versatility. Since I recently cut it, I’ve never regretted embracing my “fro”. Last but not least my kindness and compassion, the main reason behind my vocation of studying to become a registered nurse.
Your OMG moment?
I’ve definitely had more than one OMG moment!! Both enlightening and embarrassing. However, the most recent one was my realisation that there is a higher being, one that hears me and guides my way through life. I now know, God truly does answer my prayers and that gives me great comfort in this life of uncertainty.

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