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Jonny Blaze & DJ Sultan released their 2 contributions for 2K18.

Just in time for the 2018 Carnival Season, Jonny Blaze & DJ Sultan release their 2 incredible contributions: Hips Sing Riddim andBang Riddim. Both works were born out of a deep respect for Trinidadian culture, the pull of the pulsing beats, and undeniable and catchy melodies of Soca music.
DJ Sultan is a producer/songwriter/DJ hailing from Chicago and has been DJ’ing and destroying dance floors all over the world for 20 years and counting. Sultan refuses to be held in any box or category – adding unique contributions not only to the music industry, but also in the television, movie, and video game industries.
Jonny Blaze is a producer/songwriter/visionary/manager extraordinaire with a natural gift to simply make things happen. He has been making strategic moves behind the scenes in the music industry for quite some time, yet it was his undeniable love for Soca music and the culture that forced him to dive head first into Soca production.
In 2016 DJ Sultan, who linked with long time associate Jonny Blaze, released the song “Hips Sing” featuring Jamaican Superstar Elephant Man and which spent 9 weeks on the Billboard Singles and Dance Charts. The success of the original “Hips Sing” Sing sparked the idea to create a Soca remix and full riddim and the thought of working with all the amazingly talented Trini artistes, producers, and songwriters were too much for the two producers to resist.
Leading up to these releases was months and months of hard work and many marathon recording sessions in Trinidad while sharing the creative process on Hips Sing Riddim with Stadic at Stadic Music and Bang Riddim with Azikiwe Kellar (ZZ) at Next Level Studios.  Growing up in the US, both producers came from multicultural backgrounds and were heavily influenced by hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, r&b, Latin and reggaeton, and of course Soca! These influences shine through on the two Riddims with a surprising, unexpected, and unique cast of International artistes!
Hips Sing Riddim🎶
Skinny Fabulous, RDX, Elephant Man, 5Star Akil, Linky First and Rayza Saga
Tommy Lee Sparta, Preedy, Elephant Man, Pternsky, Screws, and Krystal Khayne.
Jonny Blaze and DJ Sultan wanted to do something completely one of a kind and huge to showcase the amazing casts of both Riddims.  What better way to accomplish this than to purchase space on the two of the biggest and heavily viewed billboards in all of Trinidad in Independence  Square and Morvant Junction in Port of Spain.
Meet them on the big truck with Yuma – Fatal Attraction for Carnival 2018.  Their truck will be full of amazing artistes, huge surprise performances, and the best soca music Carnival has to offer!!


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