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Stephan James makes a visit to the caribbean easier.

Stephan James is the C.E.O of Wanderscape which is a Trinidad & Tobago based tech startup that focuses on giving travelers access to the most authentic and immersive experiences the Caribbean has to offer. Stephan tells OMG, “Our app makes it easy for travelers to find and book experiences offered by locals, including culinary experiences, eco-adventures, culturally educational experiences, creative experiences, local dance and art as well as experiences that expose visitors to our history.” The Wanderscape team hopes to create a pleasant user experience from search to payment and to drive the tourism sector by putting the T&T and by extension the Caribbean brand directly into the hands of locals and visiting tourists. “We are excited to create opportunities for revenue generation, to put the best things about the Caribbean on display and to bring much needed foreign exchange to the region,” says James. This month, Wanderscape officially launched online. The launch included a competition that allowed people to win the opportunity to wander with them and discover some of the best-kept secrets of Trinidad & Tobago.

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