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St Vincent’s Dynamite, Fills a Void In Their Musical Culture.

Filling a void in the young contemporary musical culture is what twenty-six-year-old Dynamite says his music represents. Dynamite brings to the scene an abundance of high energy Soca, Dancehall & Reggae styled songs with in-depth lyrics, uplifting punch lines.
His performances are so energetic hence, the reason the promoters refer to him as Dynamite. With his debut Soca song, Brave, signed to Sony Music’s urban UK label BB Records, Dynamite is riding a wave of success.
In 2017,  his song was featured in Bacardi USA and UK’s summer worldwide campaign.
Referring to himself as a “positive and self-motivated light”, Dynamite, whose real name is Joel Tyril , was Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines and currently resides in Lowman’s Leeward St. Vincent. At a young, he started writing music. A visit to the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica further compounded his love for music, particularly in Dancehall and Reggae. By the time he was 19, he was already recording and producing his own songs.
Balancing his academics with his musical aspirations was no easy task. Nevertheless, Dynamite rose to the occasion by completing college and at the same time representing his country at international music festivals.

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