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Kern Summerville is Taking his Pan to New York

Kern Anthony Sumerville is a musician who commands your attention without making much of an effort.
He always knew that soon the time would come when he would step out of the shadows and express his musical talent by sharing it with the world. He gave himself the title, “The Golden Child”, owing to a single strand of golden hair projecting prominently from his forearm.
Kern told OMG that a tragic encounter transformed his perspective on everything. On December 27th, 2010, he managed to miraculously survive a near fatal car accident. Looking at the wreckage, he vowed not to spend another day squandering his gifts.
This awakening flung open doors in his career and ushered in new opportunities. In January 2011, he was asked to rebrand the Trinidad & Tobago Police Steel Orchestra, and later he became the Band’s Leader. The opportunity also allowed him to launch his career as a vocalist.
In July, 2011 he left the band to pursue his solo career as steel pannist and vocalist, and performed at events that have been a major success such as “Jazz ” Fusion Tuesdays” at La Casa De Ibiza, Beveca Sports Bar and Lounge for a benefit concert, “Word ” Jazz” at the Tao Sushi Restaurant, “Sunday Jazz” at the Kaiso Blues Café and many others.

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