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Michael Barrington brings golfing to you.

Too many persons were complaining that there was nothing to do on a weekend besides go stand on the Avenue or see a movie and that is why Beeline Portable Mini Golf came to life. Owner and designer Michael K. Barrington, returned to Trinidad after spending over 10 years living in multiple countries enjoying all the fun those countries had to offer, to the country he was born and raised in to hear many children, teenagers and young adults were complaining of a lack of useful fun activities. Beeline Portable Mini Golf brings the fun to you at any location you desire so you can have an activity that does not require you leave home or find a location to play golf.
Although mini golf is not a new activity to Trinidad and Tobago, the portability of the mini golf is relatively new. Persons who previously may not have had the opportunity to experience the game can now request it for their family and sports day as well as for team building activities for corporate events and customer appreciation. There are 18 mats in total and you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 hole mats, which means a full golf course can be recreated for your enjoyment.
Young adults and children have already started to enjoy the mini golf mats over the August vacation during their camp sessions. Marabella Learning Resource, Alliance Francais, Camp Stream in Diego Martin and Arouca Community camp are just a few to have enjoyed the use of the mini golf mats. A soft launch was held at Bead Café on Mucarapo Road on July 28th to its first real participants.
The mats have already found a home in the sister isle of Tobago and soon will be seen up the islands in Barbados, Dominica and Cayman Islands.
Beeline Portable Mini Golf is available for rental or lease and can be contacted at 390-4602/ 689-4486 or beelineminigolf@gmail.com. And be sure to follow us on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/BeeLineMiniGolf/ and Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/beeline_mini_golf/

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