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Aneesha Carrington Pursues Her Passion.

Aneesha Carrington, also known as Inspirer, has been dancing for approximately 11 years but only became a Praise Dancer in 2012

When Aneesha entered into Secondary school in 2013, she was bullied so badly that she began to harm herself and had suicidal thoughts.

She told OMG, “I remembered one day getting a booking to dance but I was so messed up and felt like I was nothing that I could not bring myself to go out and minister. The things I was told, those words, they eventually became part of me and I would watch myself in the mirror and say your ‘stupid, ugly etc’ and that’s all I believed.”

Despite what she was going through, Aneesha pushed herself to dance for her church. Eventually, she got her break-through and was able to lift herself out of the black hole she had fallen into. The people closest to her who knew what she was dealing with and that she was fighting through the pain began to say to her “you inspire me.” “That’s where my stage name comes from,” she says.

Aneesha goes on to say that God, her mom and her ministry are the most important things in her life and without them she may not have made it.

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