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The Sisterhood Premieres May 19th on CCN TV6.

The Sisterhood is here…

The Sisterhood Weekly Magazine show airs on CCN TV6 on Saturday 19th May 2018 at 8:15 pm. The show is written, produced and directed by Stephen Doobal who wanted to develop a television series that will explore serious issues facing the contemporary Caribbean woman. He says his objective was to examine topics that affect our growth as a society but also provide solutions, as a fundamental pillar for the viewer to look forward to and be enlightened by.

Stephen said, “The idea of a five-woman local television show was always an exciting prospect for me and I spent many years contemplating what we can do better or at least what can we do that will make a difference. After much prodding from Cecilia Salazar and a conversation with Stacy Nurse, I decided to create not only a television show but an organization that can deal with issues that affect women locally and regionally, by using the show to gather members that share the same interest and dreams and produce events that will help its members communicate, collaborate and celebrate their similarities”.

Everyone Stephen told about the concept of the Sisterhood was ready and willing to come on board and give whatever support they could. Penelope Spencer, Cecilia Salazar, Daniella Cassano Mohammed, Stacy Nurse, Athalia Samuel, Penelope Spencer, Cecilia Salazar, Daniella Cassano Mohammed, Stacy Nurse, Athalia Samuel, Joannah Bharose and Taromi Joseph and Taromi Joseph were the first to jump into the front line as the hosts of the show. He then sorted the help of Ronaldo Roberts to help with technical direction. Richard Young came on as Creative Director and insisted on a Caribbean aesthetic for the look of the ladies, with the use of only local designers to outfit the host. Dominique La Roche joins the team to assist with the make-up and styling.

Besides the Sisterhood the weekly Magazine television shows the next step was to form The Sisterhood Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago. The objective is to build strength in numbers and find ways to use that support, to propel each other forward. It is the place where we will encourage common goals and objectives, develop our strength, promote self-reliance while learning from our struggles.

The Sisterhood will have three elements to realize its intention.

The first is the Sisterhood Weekly Magazine Television Show, designed as a consistent way to reach out and discuss issues on a regular basis.

The second element is the Sisterhood Club, where women from everywhere can sign-up and become a contributing member to the development of the Sisterhood.

The third element is The Sisterhood Empowerment events. Events designed around the needs of the members of the Sisterhood Club. Creating educational, inspirational and empowering events to encourage learning and growth.

The Sisterhood signals a dawn of a new era in the way we look to each other for support and build a better society by developing a culture of looking after each other, in any way we can.

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