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Kimm Cole, host of the television show “The Cole Truth” sits with team OMG.

Ms Kimm Cole has been hosting TV since 2014. Her talk show, The Cole Truth debuted on January 29th 2018 on Synergy TV and had become very popular and continues to gain steady momentum ever since. Although the show is new, the “Kimm Cole” Brand contributed to the show’s success. Ms Cole has had influential and well-respected guests such as on politicians: Vasant Bharath, Roodal Moonilal, Gary Griffith, Paul Daniel Nahous, Heads of NGO’s etc.
Given that she has been hosting the Black Caucus Movement, naturally, Ms Cole has the support of grassroots.  As a former UNC candidate in the Local Government Election, her fan base grew and expanded to many East Indian supporters. Her open support for the LGBT community has earned her the respect of many.
Her show – “The Cole Truth” – is a current affairs political talk show where Ms Kimm Cole (the host) shares her opinions on situations and events that take place locally and internationally. Notable reputable guests are invited to share their side of the story and shed light on topics. The Cole Truth is unearthing brutal honesty and bringing to the screens a current outlook on the happenings in society while also focusing on assisting those in with the recent heated controversial encounter with Mr Phillip Alexander (leader of the People’s Empowerment Party PEP) during a live broadcast on the set of her show. Ms Cole has proven that she is not to be messed with as she physically stood up to Mr Alexander as he verbally and physically ranted and raved on camera and then stormed off the set.
Ms Kimm Cole plans to move her show “The Cole Truth” to CCN TV6 soon.

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