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Candice Pierre-Sooklal’s journey to overcome her cancer diagnosis.

Candice Pierre-Sooklal’s journey to overcome her cancer diagnosis
Meet Candice Pierre-Sooklal, she was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 27th, 2014. Since then life for her has never been the same and her OMG moment came three months after in March of 2015 when she found out that she was five weeks pregnant with her second child. “It was a bitter-sweet moment that day because I was happy but yet very concerned about being pregnant with cancer,” she said. Candice was advised by her doctors to terminate the pregnancy because they said that her life was more important than a fetus, but she refused to do so telling the doctors that God will take care of her and her baby.
The journey was rough. However, Candice continued to have faith in Jesus Christ, and she fought her way through the pregnancy. The tumours were getting larger and fast action had to be taken as soon as possible. Candice had to induced labour 4 weeks early from her due date in order to start chemotherapy. “I was scared but yet I continued to have faith in God to take care of us,” she said. On Candice’s birthday October 25th, she got the best birthday gift she had ever gotten… a healthy baby girl she named Faith Destiny Sooklal.
The journey became more intense as Candice started a 12-week cycle of chemotherapy. She overcame that and in 2016 when her cancer returned, she opted to remove her left breast and did eight cycles of chemotherapy again. In 2018, Candice cancer returned and she did another 12 cycles of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radiotherapy. To sum it up Candice has done 32 cycles of chemotherapy, 5 cancer-related surgeries and 25 sessions of radiation and is now on maintenance drugs.
Candice is very grateful for the strong support system she has. “God has blessed me tremendously with the best husband and children,” she said. Her husband, Godwin Sooklal has never left her side and is always there to take care of her and their two daughters. Candice is also grateful for her parents and in-laws, her family, friends and her church family. She is also grateful for the different departments (surgical, obstetrics and oncology) at the Sangre Grande Hospital. “They really took good care of me and is still taking very good care of me, I call them my angels”, Candice proudly said. Candice is also thankful to be a member of two cancer support groups called “Embracing All Real Survivors E.A.R.S” group and the Sangre Grande Cancer Support Group where the members are there to provide the encouragement and support for each other when needed.
Candice’s advice to everyone is to always have faith in Jesus Christ, and he will take care of you because, with God, all things are possible. She said that whatever trials may come it’s a FAITH FIGHT because we must believe in God to see us through these tests.  Her tagline is “The big C is not cancer, but the big C is CHRIST JESUS”.
She dedicates this article to 2 of her mentors Mrs Tara Ali and Mrs Lenore Holder who died from cancer but are now happily wearing their crowns in heaven. You can find Candice on Facebook at “Faith Fight-Candice Pierre-Sooklal.”

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