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The personalities and celebrities featured on the Cover of the OMG Digital Magazine

Aaron Duncun shares his 2018 plans with Team OMG.

He ventured into the competitive arena at the tender age of five years old and won the 2009 N.J.A.C’s Annual Emancipation Calypso Competition. In 2010 he won the T.U.C.O’s National Junior Calypso Monarch creating history as the youngest ever to win that prestigious title at only six years old. His …

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Team OMG Chats with Marge Blackman.

Marge comes from a revered musical clan – The Blackmans; who are to Trinidad what the Marley’s are to Jamaica.  Her Father The late Ras Shorty I is the Inventor of two major genres of Trinidadian music, namely Soca and its Gospel-infused sister Jamoo. So music is definitely in her blood. …

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Neval B. tells OMG about his upcoming plans.

Outfit by: Peter Elias Neval Bissambhar, aka “Neval B ” is a Trinidadian born Urban Crossover Artist, vocalist, songwriter, musician, qualified broadcaster, and businessperson. He is the younger son of the musical icon, Krishna “TEDDY” Bissambhar and also the frontline vocalist with his Cross-over band D.Rampersad INDI-ART. Neval started his …

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Mark Hardy and Yung Rudd Explores New Project

In 2013, Mark Hardy teamed up with Yung Rudd (son of the legend, David Rudder) and Mevon Soodeen of Xplicit Entertainment to create a new genre of music coming out of Trinidad and Tobago called TRAPSO, which birthed hits such as “PUMPIN”, “NAH BOY” and “WUZ D SCENE”. The power …

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Denise Belfon Turns Over A New Leaf.

Known to her fans as “Saucy Wow” for her energetic, scintillating performances, Denise Belfon has been one of TnT’s Soca Diva for a long time now. Her stunning stage act and music has been seen and heard by audiences throughout the Caribbean, across North America, even across the Atlantic in …

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Green Days by the River by Michael Mooleedhar

Synopsis In a remote village in 1952 Trinidad, a curious boy pursues the affection of two girls. Despite his ailing father’s advice, Shell follows the compassionate Mr. Gidharee to work on his plantation along the river, in hopes of attracting his daughter Rosalie, but then falls for Joan, a sweet, …

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