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The latest Featured Personality in the OMG Digital Magazine

Meet Upcoming Female Artiste, Gabrielle Palandy.

Gabrielle Palandy launched her first full fledge soca single “Lunacy” earlier this year which was released in a New York, followed by wack and Street 91.9fm. “Lunacy,” continues to grow on YouTube with over 28000 views on Julian’s promo & over 8000 views on another profile. Today Gabrielle remains busy …

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Kenyon Champion Wants You On His Next Adventure.

Road Trip TT is an Adventure, Outdoor and Travel company. We host fun and exciting activities for the explorer, adventure and thrill seeker, nature lover, history enthusiast, those who suffer from wanderlust and have a passion for new experiences! With a packed scheduled of over 70 activities this year the …

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Annalie Prime Pursues a Professional Career In Music.

Annalie Prime is a singer and songwriter based in Central Trinidad. She writes Reggae, Pop and other Pop- Fusion genres. Annalie said that she has been pursuing music as a professional career for four years now. She is signed to an Independent Record Label by the name of Tommy Boy …

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Meet Music Producer and DJ, Blasé Vanguard.

Blasé Vanguard sets a sweeping vision for the culture of the Global Caribbean; a savvy music producer and DJ, rotating tunes between Trinidad & Tobago and the United Kingdom. His debut EP is a dark, energetic and moody blend of Soca, Afrobeats, UK Funky, and Bass. By immersing himself in …

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Winglee Shie Released Her First Single.

Aspiring singer and songwriter, Winglee Shie, has been singing since she was 10 years old. Last year she released her very first single entitled ‘MaMa’. The song is based on her mother. She tells OMG, “Basically the song is about how my mother is a religious person and she never …

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Lyndon Andrews introduces L.A. Records, Media and Entertainment.

Lyndon Andrews, having studied with the Berklee College of Music, Boston and graduated from the University of Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 with certifications in Pro Tools 101 and Music Technology respectively, and spearheading a number of musical projects, now leads the team at L.A. Records, Media & Entertainment Services …

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Shazard Bansraj Created His Very Own Video Game.

Shazard Bansraj is an aspiring artist from central Trinidad. From a young age, he showed a natural attraction to visual art, but this interest was neglected in favour of academics. Now that his passion has been rekindled, he has begun rapidly creating content in as many forms as possible. After …

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Meet trending new artiste, Nelly Cottoy.

Nelly Cottoy is a trending new artiste who’s been recently blazing the trails everywhere she performs. Nelly has been performing for only the past 2 years and already has two singles, “Like Man” and “Jockey Rider” which was produced by her management Zig boi and Studio X and written by …

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Yurosa releases his new EP.

Yurosa is the creative name of electronic music producer James Debroy.  He said that “Yurosa” is the final creative product of 2 years of his self-discovery. It was the turning point where all his disappointments transformed into optimism. Yoursa songs include the critically acclaimed ‘Running’. ‘Coming Back’, which was highly praised …

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