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Kerry John is Laying Down His Musical Legacy

Before his 2017 hit “Drink King,” where was Kerry John? How did it all begin? Kerry John grew up with a musical background, his grandmother was also a singer, and he has inherited her talent. Kerry’s attempt to voice his thoughts on paper began as a youth back in Secondary School, where he escaped his hardships which surrounded him, and his main goal was to be the voice, through writing and singing, to many youths who have been going through similar experiences.
His love for music is everlasting and he made it his duty to turn it into his career. In 2008, Kerry, together with Makamillion and Orlando Octave, formed the Millionaire Family, a popular music group, this is where his career officially commenced. From 2008 to present, Kerry has released numerous waist movers and hits, but there’s no stopping, his team is forced to be reckoned with. Now Kerry isn’t just another soca artiste, Kerry John can do it all, he sings soca, reggae, dancehall, you name it, and he can do it. He’s a very versatile artiste, his versatility shows not only in his incredible voice, but also his style of writing. He writes songs not only for himself, but also has written for the “Queen of Bacchanal,” Destra Garcia, Shurwayne Winchester, Maxi Priest and many others.
Kerry John is known not only for his talent and confidence, but also his energetic and uplifting spirit. The hard work, dedication and passion is remarkable from this talented star, he’s consistently back and forth in the studios with his producer Yung Seeche, who produced one of the biggest rum songs for 2017 Carnival, Drink King, and many other producers also. Kerry has proven to be one of many surprises, from the moment he stepped into the music industry, he began turning heads. These qualities are what makes you great, makes you legendary and without a doubt, the name “Kerry John” will go down in the history books. He’s one to watch, he’s now a solo artiste on a mission and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Through the power of music, Kerry John hopes to make a change whilst stamping his name in the hearts of the people around the world.

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