I N S E C T U O U S By SB Lorenzo

I N S E C T U O U S Monday Wear 2018 by SB Lorenzo In the midst of the jungle, a species of mesh & metallics evolved in search of a new habitat. These Silhouettes awaken by the sound of the rhythms, unified, found their way to the …

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HIMAYA – By Nadia Batson

HIMAYA – pronounced “Hee-ma-yah” Meaning of Himaya “The Empire” Who created Himaya?Himaya was created by Nadia Batson and is a collaborative design effort between Nadia, and mas designer, David Dewer. How many options? Consists of 5 design options Who does Himaya cater to?  Himaya is ideal for women who want …

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Genre Fashion

Genre Fashion Music and Arts Festival 2017 launches Guayafest 2017: The Rebirth… to new heights! Last Friday, August 18th, 2017, scores of patrons around Trinidad and Tobago headed to the Guayaguayare Community Centre for what is now deemed a Fashion and Cultural Extravaganza like none other. Genre: Fashion Music and …

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