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Ro’dey #whydoinit

Team OMG had the extreme pleasure of sitting with Rodell Cumberbatch this week. He is single handedly pioneering a new type of career, breaking new ground for Trinidad entertainers, as our country steps into this digital era. We get his prospective, on where he sees his phenomenal success going.

In just six months on Instagram, 26 year old, Rodell Ro’dey Cumberbatch, a social media entertainer, radio host on 96.1WEFM, CEO of Blumoon Productions, photographer-videographer and creative director, has earned the love and attention of not only Trinbagonians but the world, with his unique brand of comedy.

His daily 15 sec Instagram videos, deals with the unique behaviors and situations Trinidadians and Tobagonians, find themselves in a their relationships. For the first time in a long time, Trnis are seeing themselves through Ro’dey’s eyes and they are laughing hysterically.

His facial expressions and precise portrayal of how most people react in particular situations has made Ro’dey into the go to character when you need a break from the struggle of daily life and just want to be entertained.

Rodell has developed a host of characters he plays, the most popular are Fleecky, Wettty and of course Ro’dey. Each video he posts gets, tens of thousands of views on a daily basis and his popularity is just growing.


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