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Kieon Carl Cardinez in his martial arts journey



Kieon Carl Cardinez, who hails from central Trinidad, visited Team OMG this week. It has been two years since we last spoke to him so we were excited to hear about how his journey in the martial arts has been going. It has only been a week that he has returned from his trip to South Korea where he was given the opportunity to attain his second-degree black belt. All in all, his journey in martial arts thus far has been very fulfilling. He is living his dream, being able to fully immerse himself in his passion. He hopes that one day he can utilize this passion in films and perhaps become a movie star.


During his trip in South Korea Kieon was invited by the living legend and actor “Silver Fox” Hong Jong Lee, to personally train with him. In martial arts, Hong Jong Lee is referred to as grandmaster so Kieon didn’t hesitate to take up this opportunity to learn from one of the best. At the end of the training, he was able to test for his first-degree black belt. An added bonus whilst testing for his black belt was gaining the opportunity to meet the original Scorpion King. After Kieon acquired his first-degree black belt, he was also able to attain his second-degree black belt because Hong Lee saw great potential in him.


Cardinez is very thankful for the overall experience at South Korea and even more thankful to Dr. Christopher Francis, founder of the Martial Arts Academy where he has been training for more than seven years. Kieon expressed great appreciation for Dr. Francis for allowing him to pursue this opportunity for growth and advancement. Additionally, he wants to thank Dr. Frank De Gourville who met him a few years ago and took him to California for three months where he got to experience and train in the skill of street fighting. Last but not least, Cardinez wants to say thanks to his family and Friedman who has supported him throughout his engagement in martial arts.


What are Kieon’s future plans? As aforementioned, he wants to become a movie star. He hopes to be the first martial arts movie star from Trinidad and Tobago.

This martial arts star’s OMG moment was training for his first-degree black belt degree. The feeling was indescribable, he said.


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