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Roxanne Omalo Carnival Queens of 2016

Roxanne Omalo comes from the small but energetic fishing village of Mayaro. The 32-year-old businesswoman owns 2 small companies, Trinbagoreign Limited and Triniweenie Limited. She is also one of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival Queens of 2016 and the first Queen of the band Antourage Production own by Verma Lakhan. For the past six years, she held titles such as;

Fourth place national Carnival Queen 2011
Second Place National Carnival Queen 2012
Second Place National Carnival Queen 2015
Fourth Place National Carnival Queen 2016
Queen of the band Carnival Monday 2016.

Roxanne lost her mother to cancer in 2013. Despite this tragedy, she has stayed positive and put her faith in God to help her overcome her grief each day. She said that even though her mother’s death had cast a shadow in her life the best thing that happened to her was the birth of her son. Baby Jamel brought love and light back to her life.

The queen lives by one rule, “You can’t please everyone, so just do what is best for yourself and let everything else fall in line”



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