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Wendy Sheppard

Growing up in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Wendy Sheppard began singing in early childhood. In her twenties, she auditioned for one of Trinidad’s prominent choirs, and when accepted as a first soprano, she honed her voice on a mostly classical choral repertoire.

After some years of traditional singing, Wendy’s urge to diversify led to a departure into pop and soft rock. Before long, she was given the chance to join in the revival of one of Trinidad’s most popular party bands playing a mix of pop, reggae, calypso and ‘soca’ the local rhythm. Appearances with this group included gigs in other parts of the Caribbean
and the United States.

In 2002, Wendy embarked on a freelance solo career. Identifying a niche in up-market private and corporate audiences, her engagements became extremely varied. In any given week she could find herself before four or five hundred people at a wedding, and then at the Prime Minister’s residence singing to a large diplomatic delegation. When the local World Cup soccer team returned from Germany in 2006, Wendy joined other entertainers at the national stadium to welcome the players home, performing to over fifteen thousand people.

Wendy soon realized that her next step was to stage her own self-featured concerts. Over the next three years, she virtually single-handedly produced five major shows, managing all aspects of pre-production – sourcing corporate financial support, advertising, and promotion, graphic artwork, ticketing services, etc. Then she directed everything from accompanying talent – including musicians, collaborating vocalists and dancers, to stage and lighting design to wardrobe- all to a great success.

Wendy then went on to produce and record two very successful CD projects. The first was a duet album principally of Broadway musical hits. The second; her first solo recording endeavor, is an adult contemporary compilation that includes Latin genres, a cover of a Bob Marley classic, and one of her first originally written songs. To enrich the tracks, she was careful to use only live instrumentation, so the sounds of sitar, piano, tenor steel pan and classical Spanish guitar can all be heard in the mix.

In 2008 Wendy relocated with her husband to New York City where spent two and a half years performing in small Cabaret Theatre productions and in various “piano bars.”, in addition to flying to her homeland “Trinidad” for continued singing jobs there. Now in 2011 Wendy has relocated again to live in Mexico City where she is very eager to continue on with her musical journey and love of singing!!


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