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The Philosophy of Leading From Above The Line will be officially launched in Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday, October 6,  2016, through the first six of my twenty publications. Kindly see the attached invitation for details. The Launch will be held at the NALIS Hart Street Arcade commencing at 6.00 p.m.  

Leading From Above The Line is a transformational philosophy to help accelerate our human development. Its associated Leadership Self-Discovery programme has been tested in numerous countries including South Africa, Malawi and most CARICOM countries. Retreat and workshop participants have come from all continents and the Caribbean. Participants have included ministerial Cabinets, senior public servants, university officials, state corporations, private companies, military organisations, other individual professionals and the youth.

If you are interested in attending and wish to bring along guests, please provide us with contact information by 24 September, preferably email addresses so that official invitations could be sent to your guests. 

The publications and summaries of their content are available on Amazon

We will relish the opportunity to share our work and details of the launch through your media organisation. A press release will follow and we will gladly provide additional information should you decide to explore the possibility of media coverage. We hope that you will join us on 6 October.  

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