Christian Montrose also Known as “Monty” is a young upcoming Singer/ Songwriter. He grew up in Santa Rosa Heights Arima but recently moved to Arima Old Road. His inspiration to develop a musical career came from none other than Aaron Voice St. Louis. His mother has always been a major impact upon his life because she has always supported him in anything that he has done and sees his hard work and potential. He started writing music in 2012 and since then he views himself as an outstanding individual in this category. Music is his “Freedom” & Joy. Choosing this path was never easy. Over the past years he had to face many trials which in the end only made him stronger. He believes that creating meaningful music is his purpose and he has a point to prove and he will not stop until he reaches where he wants to be. He is driven by the positivity from his fans. This is by far his greatest motivation. Especially when they tell him that “They are his number one fans.” Dedication and Hard work seeks his nature & he is focused on setting his future in the music industry. His first passion/choice for song writing & Vocals are R&B and Hip- hop & Soca. He was further driven to writing music as a means of increasing the support for local artiste of Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout the past year Monty got advice from a lot of his “bigger brothers” in the industry about what it would be like pursing this field. Some of them are Osei the Seventh, Preedy and Jimmy October and they really encouraged him to push further. The idea from which the EP came about was very intriguing. “The Beginning” featuring most of Trinidad & Tobago’s Upcoming Stars (Deandra Rapscallion, Jerome Gonzales, Tyrique Gibson, Vernice Heriera, Sheldon Metivier, Danika Lewis, Christopher Gill, Kemo, and Solo & Christian Ramirez) is just the start of success. He wanted to prove that Trinidad and Tobago has a huge amount of talent which very little choose not to pursue. In doing so he personally contacted Artist & asked if they were interested in being on the project which was confirmed. Having clothing for The Beginning, studio sessions & also planning an event for the big night October 15th has been a tiring project, but he believes that hard work pays off. Tee- Jay of D’ Boys Productions & Metro Keyz had a major part to play in “The Beginning”. From producing, making beats, developing a promo video & giving Monty the courage to get the Job done. Although the start may not always be your best, it is one step closer to where you want to be.



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