Jernicia Hadassah Claxton, professionally known as ” Kitty Claxton”, was born in the southernmost realms of the Caribbean.
The youngest of her three elder siblings and only girl, she was sort of a tomboy but as her mother stated,  “Kitty has always loved music at a very young age. ‘I’ve got a joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart’ is a gospel song that my daughter would dance to in her crib and the joy she had every time she heard that song, she would light up a room.”
Life was very difficult for Kitty and her family. They moved from place to place because of arguments, confusion, getting thrown out of homes and just for their surroundings and others making them completely uncomfortable. There was a point where she wanted to end her life because of her troubles.
She started to pen her own music at age eleven and with every tear, a beautiful song with so much meaning to express her deepest emotions would come alive!! Kitty told OMG, “Everything that I’ve been through or even what another person’s situation may be, I would put myself in their shoes, feel how that person may feel and write about it “.
She became well known as a Promotional Model and her sweet personality. She did promotions for Angostura limited, which is a company well known for the best brands of Rum in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region.
Through modeling, she got to know a lot of people and it opened many doors for her.
Kitty is currently working on her music to make sure that one day her dream becomes a reality.
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