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Andre Giles

 Andre Giles
26 – Couva
March 11th – Pisces
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like that I am very ambitious. I think it is because of my grandfather. He always told me that the early bird catches the fattest worm and he taught me to always be goal oriented and  focus on achievements.
I like that I am a very persistent person.
All the military training that I have been through really exposes a person’s weakness and causes them to either become stronger or perish. My persistence has really carried me through those long unbearable training sessions.
I like the way I cope with failure. I see every failure in my life as an opportunity to try again and do better and gain new knowledge and insight on the situation.
Your OMG Moment?
The transition I made from being a rasta (not the religion; the hairstyle)  to no hair. I had dreadlocks for more than six years. At first, I didn’t know who I was looking at in the mirror. I had to learn to accept, love and build back my confidence in myself. That was truly an OMG Moment for me.

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