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The Heart and Soul of Kaiso/Parang

The Friends of the Blood Bank Association (FBBA) was established in 1972 and is a registered, voluntary, non-profit organization, the vision of which is to share life’s best gift by registering voluntary blood donors in the hope of building a reasonable collection of blood for use in Trinidad & Tobago. This results in many lives being saved and a significant improvement in the quality of life for countless others.

The goal of the FBBA is to consistently create awareness of the need for voluntary blood donors and increase the collection of voluntary blood units with its limited resources.

Together with The National Trade Union Centre of Trinidad & Tobago (NATUC) we present:

The Heart and Soul of Kaiso Parang

The FBBA sees this exercise as a two-fold venture. Firstly, it will raise much-needed funds to run the day-to-day operations of the Association; and secondly what it thinks is a unique idea of showing how our much-loved calypso music of yesteryear can be redone in an unexplored but popular format.

Calypsos such as Workey Workey, Woman is Boss, Bed Bug, Salt Fish, Boo Boo Man, Sugar Bum Bum, Lorraine, and Brown Skin Gal, just to name a few, with a Kaiso Parang beat.

Music arranged by Leston Paul and featuring Baron, Crazy, Kenny J, Alicia Jaggasar and Eddie Charles

The Heart and Soul of Kaiso/Parang”, will make your Christmas Season enjoyable, and also ensure that the music of these great artistes play on and live on. This CD will no doubt spill over into the Carnival season.

The National Trade Union Centre of Trinidad & Tobago (NATUC), our joint partner, sees this venture as a service to country and culture that will benefit generations to come.

Further information call Gerald Agostini at 1-868-680-4002

Email: friendsofthebloodbank@gmail.com

Save a Life…become a registered voluntary blood donor today.


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