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Samantha Rampersad is Miss Teen Awareness 2016.

Samantha Rampersad
 I am Miss Teen Awareness 2016, Samantha Rampersad. I’m 18 years and I represent the area of Enterprise.

I competed in the 2012 Miss Teen Beauty pageant where I became the 1st runner up.

I will describe myself as a young lady with a passion and drive to make positive changes in our beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the world. 

My interest includes modelling, acting, dancing, helping and motivating others as well as making them happy which in turn makes me happy. 

I attend UWI ROYTEC where I’m perusing an associates of science degree in management. 

Some of my goals that I aim to achieve in the future includes becoming a business owner, lawyer, actress and a model. 

I believe that anything is possible to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams and that we should be the change that we wish to see in the world.

The Miss Teen Awareness Pageant

The Miss Teen Awareness Pageant is a program founded by the M.O.R.E Organization.  

M.O.R.E is a registered non-profit organization that have been established in Trinidad and Tobago with the aim of increasing awareness of societal ills, in an effort to find feasible solutions to effect change.  The organization seeks to achieve this by hosting exciting and innovative fundraisers that will contribute towards motivating and building the characters of our people in our society.
The Miss Teen Awareness Pageant aims towards raising Awareness through education and developing ambassadors towards becoming a better society.
“To make a meaningful contribution to the empowerment of women”
The Pageant
The Miss Teen Awareness Pageant have been designed to produce young public figures between the ages of 14 to 19 years, who will focus on raising awareness on the many different societal issues within Trinidad and Tobago.
Every year the organization will agree on a societal issue that is affecting our nation’s youth to be used as our theme. This year we have chosen ABUSE with the theme “there is never an excuse, let’s break the silence on abuse”. Our entire pageant will be centred on the theme selected.
What would be gained from participating?
Through participation in this pageant, delegates would gain knowledge concerning important societal issues and develop professional and personal skills. In addition they would be given the opportunity to showcase their talents.
Delegates will obtain knowledge and gain training in advocacy, leadership, beauty, elegance, self-development, etiquette and fitness before they showcase what they’ve learned on pageant night.
The Categories of the Pageant
Passion Project
Delegates Beauty Challenge
Miss Popularity
Miss Photogenic
Miss Congeniality
Top Model
Evening Gown
Delegates Question
Judges Final Question
the passion project is the main aspect of the pageant
which each delegate would select a topic surrounding the theme and then proceed to produce their project.
Passion Projects
The delegates are expected to use their talents, interests and skills as they engaged in the completion of their awareness topic for their “Passion Projects”. This project is expected to be completed in Two (2) months.  At the end of this Two (2) months period, the delegates are expected to learn from their experience of being in this pageant, and would have developed further interests in furthering their research on their various topics.
This Project requires the delegates to conduct research about their awareness topic and submit a final report about their findings, along with their experienced gained in participating in raising awareness throughout their communities and school.  The project is broken into three (3) phases.  Phase (1):  Delivery of a three (3) to five (5) Minutes Speech on the topic selected.  Phase (2): Submission of the written speech, Bibliography where the delegate would have sourced their information, a written one (1) page composition of the candidate reflection and the volunteer hours completed by the candidate.  Phase (3):  A three (3) minutes video of the candidate’s reflection about their experience in doing their passion project and their experience in participating in the Miss Teen Awareness Pageant.  Videos can be recorded via Camera phones, Camcorders, IPad etc.  These videos would be uploaded to the MOREPageant page on Facebook to be judge for the most likes to determine the winning video.
The Delegates is required to complete five (5) volunteer hours at any community / school awareness projects or charitable organizations. Service Sheets would be made available to the delegates to accumulate there 5 volunteer hours.  These sheets must be submitted together with delegate’s final report.

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