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Omaj does the Slow Grind Riddim.




Omaj, Ian Andrew Arnold, born in Trinidad August 1987 He is a humble, respectable, talented, ambitious young man, who has enjoyed playing a variety of different musical instruments such as piano, drums as well as his national instrument the steel pan, also his voice in the church choir.
Omaj explored a variety of trades such as Electrician, Welder, before finding his calling to the entertainment industry where he explored the area of dancing had created successful dance groups (Dancers 4 Life) and (Alternative Dance Crew). He has also held a position as a party DJ for various clubs in Trinidad.
As such, Omaj being the talented individual that he is and constantly aiming for higher, decided to follow his calling to be a singer. He said it is what he truly loves and is passionate about it. Some of his work could be found on Reverb nation, Myspace, You Tube, Face Book and other online sites. After getting much positive feedback he was encouraged to compose music based on his life experiences.  Omaj hopes to be a part of the R&B society, and in developing his skills and talent as an R&B singing Artist.




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