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Allan Mitchell

Allan Mitchell
31 – Tunapuna
March 28th – Aries

Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like that I am optimistic. I am the kind of person that look at the good side of any situation and give the people around me some hope. I like that I am selfless most times. I always try to help out friends family and people in general. I love that I am a family oriented guy. I put them first in all things and I hope it would be something I would be able to teach my children in the future.

Your OMG Moment?
I was at a friends house one time just ‘chillin’. One of his most aggressive dogs got loose. Everything happened so fast I’m still shocked when I think about that situation. I remembered people shouting at me to move, I didn’t act as fast as I should have. When I looked around the dog was already in the air, launching at me, mouth wide open and caught my arm in its jaws. Of course I tried to fight it off but those few seconds was like a half hour. After that, I needed a strong drink.

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