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Jason Lackhansingh pushes further.

I was the last of three children growing up in a domestic violence home. It wasn’t easy sleeping in the buses, going to school with the same uniform term after term, no spending money and insufficient meals but I was a determined young man. With no financial support, as my mother was the only bread winner in the home, I decided to work in a supermarket to support my education to build a platform for my future.
I started classes at the school of business and computer science, where I studied business management and events management then moved from working in a supermarket to working as an office administrative clerk. During my extra time, I went on to study electrical installation and micro-entrepreneur at the youth training and employment partnership program.
I am someone who used to think of different ways to make money right at my fingertips. I remember I use to buy electronics from reading the Express classifieds and sell them over to make a profit. This was when I came up with JL’S promotion. A team created to market, manage and do bookings here in Trinidad and Tobago.
JL’S has done bookings and manage various DJs , bands, artiste and worked with names like Santana, Ricardo Drue, Krich, 5 star akil, DJ Marcus Williams, Flipo, Fada Moses and various other entertainers. I was given the opportunity to be featured in a chutney video, sang by Jerry Singh.
After weeks of marketing, I decided to create my own product. With the help of a few family members, we made kurma and packaged it by the brand “Trini Style Kurma”. In just a matter of weeks, my product was in several supermarkets in central Trinidad.
My message to every young person out there is, don’t ever give up! In order to climb the ladder, you must first believe in yourself and God. And hard work pays off. You are in control of your life and your choices will determine your future. Time flies but the good news is that you are the pilot of it.

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