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Neval Chatelal and John Thomas bring you Sangeet Opera: A World Music Concert.

Neval Chatelal and John Thomas have joined forces to bring to you a revolution in the concert experience in Trinidad and Tobago. For two nights, two of Trinidad’s top tenors combine two classical traditions to give you a concert of love, peace, and unity- Sangeet Opera: A World Music Concert.
Sangeet means dance, music, and singing; opera tells the story of our lives. To this end, the cast intends to take you on a magical journey blending songs, movements, and cultures from around the globe. Hear the prowess of opera infused with the haunting strains of the sitar. Be enchanted by the ragas sweetly blended with the sounds of the steel drums. Be stirred by the tales of devotion as told by hands and feet moving to the beats of our world, by limbs seduced by the euphony of violin strings.
Sangeet Opera will feature the likes of the sultry Nalini Ackal – famed local belly dancer, Indian dance and choreography from Shaheed Ali and the Suryarmika Dancers, animation from Kieron Sargent Dance Company, the sounds of Soul Soprano Llettesha Sylvester flying in from New York especially for the show, L.A. Rose of the ever popular Ultimate Rejects, Kyle Richardson- local musical theatre extraordinaire, Nikita Gastby – newly discovered Lydian Singers soloist,  Eastern Chorale soloists, including Maxine Greaves, Tanya Rawlinson, Kiana Tinto, Brendan Prince and Noel Espinosa  and an all-star string quartet of our nation’s finest string players including David Frank, Nariba Herbert, Wasia Ward and Inge Schuler flying in  from Cairo, Egypt.
The tenors advise that the show’s run time is one and a half hours, with no intermission, much like concert productions staged in Las Vegas and on Broadway. The concert plays at Central Bank for two nights only on the 1st and 2nd of July at 7:30 pm and 5:15 pm consecutively. Limited seating is available so be sure to book your seats early.  For more information please feel free to visit us on Facebook or call 357-5183 or 767-2856. See you there!

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