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Green Days by the River by Michael Mooleedhar

In a remote village in 1952 Trinidad, a curious boy pursues the affection of two girls. Despite his ailing father’s advice, Shell follows the compassionate Mr. Gidharee to work on his plantation along the river, in hopes of attracting his daughter Rosalie, but then falls for Joan, a sweet, sensible girl from the city. From the love triangle that ensues, Shell learns bittersweet lessons of life and love that will define his manhood and future forever.
About the Director Michael Mooleedhar
Michael Mooleedhar has a BA in film and an MA in creative design and entrepreneurship from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. He has made a number of experimental short films, documentaries, and music videos. His films Coolie Pink and Green and City on the Hill won the People’s Choice awards at the ttff/09 and the ttff/15 respectively. Green Days by the River is his debut as a feature-film director and is being screened at the ttff/17.
How GDBTR (2017) came about…
The film started in Oct of 2014 after I had reconnected with old friend and fellow classmate from UWI film program, Michael Mooleedhar. With experience doing narrative shorts and feature documentaries, we were both at the same point looking to do our first narrative feature film and we decided to work together even before knowing what project we would pursue. We had a slate of projects to consider, and fortunately the script for ‘Green Days by the River’ was written already by Dawn Cumberbatch.
A full first draft of the script already written meant that we were ahead in the development process, and it was just a matter of doing developmental rewrites to make the final draft as strong as possible. Additionally, the strong Intellectual Property that is ‘Green Days by the River’ the book, was also a major factor. Our efforts to make this film had an existing market that have loved and read the book since 1967. Lastly, the story of Green Days is a simple yet complex character driven story. It represented a pure innocent time in our culture and glimpse into our history that was so beautifully put into the literary fabric of Caribbean stories by the author Michael Anthony. We hope to extend that legacy through the film that hopefully would resonate with audiences throughout the region.

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