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OMG Hotty – Stacy Garraway

Stacy Garraway
25 – Point Fortin
March 25th – Pieces
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I love my butt. For some reason, it can’t seem to grow…LOL… but I love it. I love the stretch marks on my hips. I love my lips; they tell a story about me.
Your OMG Moment
My OMG Moment would definitely be the time I found out that I was six months pregnant and I didn’t even know. I had no signs at all, no morning sickness and my belly was so small, almost nonexistnt. I was just going on about my business and living life as normal. I did eventually get very sick at about six and a half months. I went to the hospital and the news I got was just a total shock.

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