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Energy Gods are in effect.

ZRED found inspiration in the voice of Bunji Garlin and the footprints of Chris Brown at an early age. Bunji’s commanding presence on stage and his powerful voice made an indelible mark on this young performer and served as encouragement to explore his own voice at the age of thirteen (13). Chris Brown’s unique sound, exquisite dance moves, and crowd appeal motivated ZRED to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Mr. LOOpit was exposed to soca at a very early age via his mother’s sweet singing voice. The melodious undulations of her vocals paved the path that would bring her son to this full circle moment where he seeks to pursue his own journey into the world of soca. He was initiated into the local calypso platform at the age of twelve (12) when he entered and won several calypso competitions in Primary school when in standards four (4) and five (5), and then he continued on to participate and win further competitions in Secondary School.
Together, ZRED and Mr. LOOpit are the members of Energy gods.
These performers are versatile and their repertoires include Soca, Dance-Hall, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop and more. Their fusion of distinctive vocal styles and innovative dance moves with an exotic twist is sure to fascinate and regale every member of their audience. As their name explicitly states, these two performers are energy powerhouses that keep it pumping right up to the end!

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