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Gospel Artiste, Jaron Nurse.

Jaron Nurse was born to Amanda and Roger Nurse. At just two (2) weeks old, he was adopted and raised in Carenage by his Godparents, Jennifer and Terrence Thomas.

At the age of 8 years he was drawn to football and the “Arts” of theatre, singing and playing musical instruments of the African drums, the Trap set, Steel Pan and the Guitar. At age 13, despite growing up in a Christian home, where his adopted parents took good care of him, he began to sell drugs in school, would often get into fights and was arrested on 2 occasions.

Jaron has survived the rough circumstances of his life when his biological father fell victim to substance abuse and would abuse his biological mother hence the reason for his adoption.

In 2005 his adopted father, Terrence Thomas, suffered a terrible stroke, causing Jaron to miss out on school so he could help his mother run the family business of a minimart.

Jaron began penning songs in his mind and recording them using his webcam and instrumentals from Youtube. He often sang about the issues of life, one of the most difficult songs he wrote was called “lick down” for his friend Lyndon, who was robbed and murdered at MovieTowne.

With the increase of violence in his community, Jaron has a mandate to change the lives of young people by sharing his testimony through music. Jaron, whose name means “he will cry out” is one young man crying out to God with songs as “Carenage”, “More love in Carenage” and “Good things can come from Carenage.”

In 2014 he was awarded the Councillor’s Award from Diego Martin Regional Corporation for his involvement and contributions to his community. Touring with Pastor Terrence Baynes throughout the Caribbean Islands of St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica. In April 2016, he received the Barbados Gospel Flame Awards for the “Overseas Artiste of the Year” and recently received the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards for “Reggae Vocal Performance of the Year” for his composition, “Positive Music”.

Jaron wants his future to be filled with passion to serve Christ and a voice for the youths of this nation.


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