How do you feel after buying a much-needed item costing $75 in Arima and later seeing the same product in Sangre Grande for $60, and consequently discovering it on sale in Chaguanas for $50? In retrospect you’d regret not having taken the time and shopped around!
In September 2018, West Pic – the Online Digital Media Company – is launching a digital platform to facilitate quick access to this kind of info at just the touch of your fingertips. It’s called Shoparoundtt.com
Created by Andrew Nicholls, a local soft tech developer, Shoparoundtt.com was borne out of the noticeable price point differences of commodities from store to store in Trinidad and Tobago. “I once had the extremely fatiguing experience of walking around Port of Spain with a female friend trying to find the best price for her prescribed medication”, Nicholls recounted.
“I myself was walking in very uncomfortable shoes that day and found it very frustrating and painful, walking from store to store with the young lady trying to find the best price for her medication. It was at that point I began considering that, given the present technological zeitgeist, there must some other easier way to locate items and compare various store prices instantly. It was there and then that the idea for “Shoparoundtt.com” germinated,” said Nicholls.
 The concept, configurations and content for Shoparoundtt.com took 4 years to develop, test and stabilize. Now it is set to put the power of choice directly into the hands of consumers. With this locally-created platform, all users will be able to compare prices right at the store or they can choose to locate and compare prices of items in stores before actually setting out to make their purchases.
Shoparoundtt.com also has a support app that is Free to download (SCEF) on all android devices. Join our shopping revolution and be a part of the Shoparoundtt.com solution. Contact: Rhoma Spencer – Mobile: 273-0903 E-mail: rhoma@shoparoundtt.com
Andrew Nicholls- Founding Creator
Andrew Nicholls is the founder of Wespic.com, an online support resource for marketing teams/businesses for the last 8 years. Prior to devoting his time to soft tech development, Nicholls served at the CCN group for nine years, two of which were in a Head Artist capacity. Subsequently, he moved towards freelance endeavors and personal pursuits.
Nicholls is a creative advocate for the rights of Digital Media Artists locally and actively believes in giving back. Presently, the creator of the Shop Around T&T comparison platform, a passion project made to support local consumer empowerment.
Rhoma Spencer- Spokesperson
Rhoma Spencer is a theatre professional based in Toronto, Canada who has partnered with Andrew to make Shoparoundtt a reality in Trinidad and Tobago. Her keens sense of the rights of the consumer and their buying power was honed since moving to Canada in 1999.
Having worked with Wesley since the early 1990s in conceptualizing graphic designs which he executed, it was a no brainer for her to team up with him to launch the Shoparoundtt consumer club platform. Creating such project is akin to art and the divide between digital technology and creativity is seamless.

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