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This week we sit with Chopikal, who started off as one half of the duo Nebula 868.

This week we sit with Chopikal, who started off as one half of the duo Nebula 868.

Sean Padmore, better known as CHOPIKAL, is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s rising entertainers who is immersed in passion and culture. The name Chopikal evolved from his nickname “Choppi” which was given to him due to the swift way in which he edited his vocals and music videos. This was coupled with his tropical islandboy style thus, Chopikal was risen.

Born in Arima, one of the most productive towns of Trinidad, Chopikal realised his passion for music whilst attending High School, where he would enter school-based competitions to contribute to the artform. His biggest motivator was his eldest sibling who was no stranger to music where he encouraged Chopikal to express himself via music.

Sean was previously known globally for his partnership in the duo Nebula 868 from the year 2008, however, due to personal aspirations and soul diving he has evolved into his own unique artistry. Chopikal writes and scripts his music after his life experiences; all the obstacles and victories he has endured in his lifetime.

One of his major musical influencers is none other than Michael Jackson. This is evident in his style and innovative music production. Chopikal’s dream is to collaborate with one of our calypsonians in paying tribute to those who paved the way for entertainers in Trinidad and Tobago and to showcase that our music is timeless and will capture the ear of all listeners.

Chopikal has some noticeable accomplishments such as, being one of the opening acts for intentionally recognised Trini-born rapper Nicki Minaj. Along with co-writing the song ‘Sound Bang’ for chart topper Major Lazer featuring the iconic soca artist Machel Montano.

His aim is to change the view of local and Caribbean music allowing his style to become more lucid. Recently Chopikal’s latest single “When Ya Ready” is changing the direction of Trinidad and Tobago’s typical view of soca music, introducing a Pop/ RnB flow which is currently sweeping through the airwaves.

Chopikal has only begun to scratch the surface of the entertainment scene, all his fans can look forward to history in the making. Until then…

Peace, Love and Hair Grease!

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