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Damian Mcdonald

Damian Mcdonald
27 – UK
February 24th – Pieces
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like that I can adapt to any situation in any environment. I think it is because most times I just go with the flow usually compromising to accommodate everybody. I like that I’m athletic. Put me in any physical challenge and I will smash it. Even if I don’t win I will try my very best.  I love that I am a competitive person. I put myself up against the best and see what level I’m at. I always need to know exactly how good I am.
Your OMG Moment?
It was definitely the moment I knew I wanted to propose to my girlfriend and make her my wife. I realised that I completely loved her with everything. My whole soul, my whole life everything! I remember saying to myself, “I really, really love this woman.”  I would give anything to her, she is my all.
I proposed to her on Christmas Day. We went out to dinner and I secretly organized with the waiters to have them come around with cameras right before I do it so that she will think they were going to take her picture. She turned to them to ask why they were videotaping and when she looked back I was on one knee.

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